Talents with potential


Tipsbonus: 10 000 kr

Do you know someone that is ready to move on? Let us know!

Everyone should reach their full potential and it’s our job as a community to help out our friends and colleagues that are ready to move on but are held back by one or a combination of the following reasons

  • They haven’t figured out themselves what their real potential is. They simply need to hear it from someone they look up to
  • They work in an organisation that due to out-dated view on talent fail to appreciate the potential in their employees
  • They work hard and at the same time are trying to raise 2 beautiful children so there simply isn’t time any energy left hunting for new opportunities

Does this description fit someone you know or maybe even yourself? Please let them know that we would like to get in touch. We currently have a wide range of opportunities within the following fields.

Management Consulting – Mid to Senior level ready for their next step

Sales – KAM & field sales with 3-15 years experience

Marketing – Digital marketing experts with Start-Up experience

Developers – Front-End, Back-End & Machine learning experts

Project Managers & Business Developers – Smart people that simply know how to get things done